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After working at one of the largest consulting firms in the world, and two mid-sized firms, recognized a unique chance to serve clients differently and without any inherent bias or a conflicts of interest.  So, in April of 1995, I launched TSI. Shortly thereafter, I was joined by several fellow “Big 4” consultants who had been part of my team at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).  

Our mission is to serve our growth-oriented corporate and higher education clients in a unique way by being singularly focused on their expansion and the resolution of competitive challenges within their industries.  Our services are aimed at improving the use and integration of People, Process, and Technology in a holistic manner.  Culture and values were important back then (and today), so we have been very intentional about our people and culture.  We want to be seen as very different than other consulting firms.

From our inception to the present day, we have upheld the significance of culture and values. Our commitment to our people and fostering a unique culture has remained unwavering. We aspire to stand out significantly from other consulting firms, not only in our approach but in our dedication to being a transformative force for our clients.

Dan Feely, TSI President and Founder

Who are TSI Consultants?

TSI’s consultants have a passion for defining and implementing process, organization, and technology improvements. We dedicate our expertise to benefit mid-market enterprises and nonprofit/higher education institutions with a growth-oriented outlook.

Our core objective revolves around placing our clients and their unique challenges at the center of our solutions. Unlike many consulting firms, we pride ourselves on maintaining complete independence, enabling us to serve our clients without the influence of offshoring arrangements or vendor relationships that often encumber today’s consulting landscape. This commitment to autonomy ensures that our recommendations and strategies are solely focused on delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

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